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Of Caticorn Herders and Glarings

Dear You,

A drawing of a unicorn cat face in red marker on white board.Yesterday we had a conference call with other folks working on the Zine Union Catalog. (Thanks Rhonda/MIT for hosting using a proprietary web conferencing tool that shall remain nameless; thanks Milo for facilitating; thanks Honor for taking notes! Thanks also to Jennifer, Eric, and Ziba (while on reference!) for participating, along with us: your CUNY masters students Lauren and Jenna.)

Here are the meeting minutes, tidied up a little, and anonymized:

  • Intros/hellos 5 minutes
    • Present: Eric, Honor,  Jenna, Jennifer, Lauren, Milo, Rhonda, Ziba
  • Project Overview, including class structure 10 minutes, Lauren
    • Lauren and Jenna working on developing scaffolding for future project development,
    • test site up, 3 libraries’ data represented,
    • Looking to submit an NEH grant as part of ITP class (Instructional pedagogy?)
    • Hoping to get more feedback on oversight and governance at ZL(u)C
    • Jenna and Lauren need to do an independent study for coursework, will try to implement plans generated from at ZL(u)C
    • There is also a capstone project, that may be worked on at the same time as IS (but doesn’t have to?)
    • Lauren and Jenna are doing a lot of this  work for credit, and have some structure and incentive to keep working, but want to make sure that there’s space for collaboration and regular checkins with other folk
    • Jenna and Lauren intentionally stepped back from developing ZineCat, mostly to focus on structure, but partially due to lack of deluxe tech skills
    • Can provide logins to folks who want one
  • Review proposed decision-making structure  10 minutes Jennifer
    • Oversight of Lauren & Jenna
    • More regular checking in
    • Making sure that all stakeholders (ZUC crew, J+L, others) are still involved
    • Lauren and Jenna as project managers
    • The cycling through and handing off of responsibilities is actually a good thing, demonstrating project sustainability
    • Journaling from J & L, if that would work for them, then response from ZUC
    • Jenna thinks they can commit to something short every week
  • Greater involvement from independent zine libraries. Will reach out to:
    • Papercut
    • Flywheel
    • Soapbox
    • Sticky Institute
  • Accessibility in design 10 minutes open conversation
  • Next steps 10 minutes Lauren
    • Curriculum Proposal for Zine Librarians UnConference in July
    • Decision making: consider saving this and focus on decision-making/governance/accountability of Lauren and Jenna
    • So more of an update and overview followed by ad hoc committees, call for members
      • Accessibility
      • Metadata
      • Authority
      • Funding
      • Prioritizing ZUC steps
    • Hack: database & grant
  • Project management software, Redmine?
    • Eric/OpenFlows is doing a project management audit this week. Will share.
    • Make sure content is exportable, migratable.
  • Working groups/accountability partners 5 minutes
    • Accessibility
    • Code 4 lib
    • Fundraising/grant writing
      • Will edit/update existing NEH grant draft, final deadline June 5
      • Another grant due Monday (NYCDH)
      • Awesome Foundation grant
        • Super lightweight grant process
    • Database development
    • Name authorities: jennifer knows a guy, he’s about to get minions <—-LOL

Whew! That was a lot, but we covered it all in just over one delightful hour. The main thing to know about the zine union catalog crew is that everyone of them is the bomb, and folks work together with great warmth and respect.

We said this post would be of Caticorn Herders and Caticorn Glarings, and perhaps that was false advertising. The two decision-making/action roles, along with fast horses, were brainstormed at a zine union catalog breakout after the 2016 ZLUC. More on all that silliness on this here shared document.

Please feel welcome to email with comments, questions, money, and cat photos.

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