“Draw ZineCat without using words”

A drawing representing the Zine Union Catalog by Lauren Kehoe.
Drawing of ZineCat that Lauren created for the CUNY Graduate Center’s Digital Research Institute.

I was tasked with this challenge earlier this week in the first day of the CUNY Graduate Center’s Digital Research Institute!  We were given a large sheet of paper and coloring utensils and told to draw our research!! 

I drew a blank (hehe) and panicked, but after 120 seconds of panicking, I was inspired.  Start with the cat (for CATalog)!  I drew a little cat on the cover of a zine.  Then I drew some other clustered rectangles representing the zine collections that will be included in ZineCat with all clusters pointing to the Catalog.  And voila!  My drawing.  With no words.

I’d like to thank Lisa Rhody for a lot of things, but especially for kicking off the GCDRI in this way.  It’s refreshing to start a tech conference with paper and colored pencils.   I also met a digital fellow whose research includes a zine collection.  Connections! 

There’s also been a healthy dose of learning about technology tools that can be used in the Digital Humanities, the Academy, the professional world, and more specifically, for ZineCat.  I’ll write a longer post about this in the near future, but for now, know that I’ve been busy learning how to use the command line to execute version control over files and projects, how to push this content to GitHub, how to program using Python, and today we’ve done quite a bit of Text Analysis using python and Jupyter Notebook.  It’s been a lot and I’m quite tired, but well worth the exhaustion.

More soon…

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