Zine Union Catalog (ZUC): An Updated Project Plan

The ZineCat logo in red and black.

The problem ZUC will address:

One sentence version

Zine readers, researchers, and librarians need a unified resource for finding finding and sharing zine metadata and location information.


For the same reasons readers, scholars, and information professionals benefit from resources like WorldCat and DPLA (Digital Public Library of America), people concerned with zines would be well-served by a union catalog for zines. ZineCat will aid academic and independent readers who want to find information about individual zines, as well as about the breadth of zine resources available on particular topics. A ZineCat user could type < cutting > into a search and find zines that reference cutting/self-injury in libraries all over the world. As WorldCat does, at a later point in its development, ZineCat will facilitate loans between zine libraries, even beyond the scope of WorldCat because ZineCat will include among its members the types of independent libraries that are not typically OCLC members, libraries without budgets, paid staff, or formal status.

ZineCat will offer a similar benefit to zine librarians, allowing them to share catalog records, metadata, and knowledge. Further, having developed a Zine Librarians Code of Ethics, the zine library community has proved itself thoughtful, loving, and critical, which bodes well for a carefully built tool informed by deep processing and cooperation.

final zine

Shared Authority: Zine Union Catalog for Beginners zine

It is the position of some of us that zines are best as print objects, but there are times that you want to share them in a more open platform. Digital Humanities class is one of those times, so here they are…the pages of our zine union catalog project zine!

The cover page for Shared Authority featuring the red and black ZineCat paw logo.


Zine Union Catalog – Showcase Presentation


Dev Site

If you’ve been attempting to keep tabs on us, you probably don’t think we’ve been doing very much, other than adding a design element here or there, like our site icon:

The ZineCat logo featuring the red and black cat paw.

But, if you look at our development site, you can see what’s really going on. Just don’t expect it to stay the same from moment to moment. Or even be a little bit broken, because that’s what dev sites are for.

The big dev–>live move will happen next Saturday.

final zine

Zine Cat Zine Playlist

Our final zine catalog presentation will be accompanied by a zine because you gotta bring a little analog to the digital humanities sometimes, right?

The zine will include a playlist. Got any recommendations for songs to catalog zines to? You can add your suggestions here in the comments or fill out the form or tweet them at us.

Grey cat paws messing with audio knobs.

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advisory board updates

Advisory Board

A page from a zine featuring the text, "stay open minded."
Photo by Katie Fiore from Ideas Text Used with permission.

We are so pleased to have members of various communities (CUNY Graduate Center folks, designers, digital humanists, librarians, technologists, zine creators, and zine librarians) advising us on this project–helping us keep our minds open! Members of our advisory board have agreed to respond to short surveys, but we will also share the surveys with anyone who wants to provide feedback. Stay tuned for the next three-question-questionnaire.

In the meantime, we would like to identify and thank our advisory board, for all the world to see. Members include (bold indicates confirmed for 2018)

Adela Licona, Director :: Institute for LGBT Studies & Associate and Professor :: Department of English
Mr. Elvis, zine maker
Eric Goldhagen, Openflows technologist
Joan Jocson-Singh, Head, Technical Services. Leonard Lief Library |Lehman College, CUNY
Jojo Karlin, Digital Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center
Kate Eichhorn, Associate Professor of Culture and Media Studies, The New School
LaMesha Staples, zine maker
Milo Miller, Queer Zine Archive Project
Suze Myers, freelance designer, zine maker
Adam Paradis
Ziba Zehdar-Gazdecki, zine librarian, zine maker


Vat Do Zine Researchers Vant

Shared Zine Library Catalog: What do zine researchers want?

We think we know what zine researchers want, but do we really? How about a little data to inform our thinking? Please fill out our survey. It’s eight questions long, six of them checkboxes only. All questions optional. No questions about sex or your childhood, but there is an “Anything else you want to say” question, in case you want to talk about sex or your childhood.


Zine Union Catalog Blog


We have a blog (again). The first one went away because it wanted to spend more time with its family, but we are convinced that this one is here to stay.

Keep an eye on this blog for progress on the CUNY DH Praxis class Zine Union Catalog project. If you want to know the basics, read the about page on our project website, which is very much in progress.

While you’re waiting, read some zines. Leave a comment here if you want a zine recommendation.

A grey cat reads a zine.