funding updates

$1K MADH Grant

photo of the middle section of a check, which reads State of New York, DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION AND FINANCE / DIVISION OF THE TREASURY

A photo of Lottie Beavers.The CUNY Graduate Center Masters in Digital Humanities granted us $1,000, which we’ll spend on a hack/doc. We’re paying developer Lottie Beavers, a worker/owner of Openflows Community Technology Cooperative to lead the session and spending some of the money on providing lunch for participants. We don’t know yet exactly what we’ll be building and documenting. Lottie and her partner at Openflows, ZineCat board member (and spouse of Jenna) Eric Goldhagen are conducting a discovery phase and will make hack/doc recommendations at the end of the summer.

Checks from CUNY come bearing the scary return address DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION AND FINANCE.

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