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Capstone Update 9/28/19

Lauren and I have agreed to post alternating updates on our progress as we collaborate on our capstone project: ZineCat improvements, planning and documentation. Our goals, as recorded in our prospectuses are:

We each have to complete a 15-page white paper–or a shared one, that would presumably be closer to 30 pages, as well. Our advisors are Lisa Rhody (Jenna) and Maura Smale (Lauren), and we are both ecstatic to be working with both of them.

We will finish the project and white papers by December 22, 2019 and will graduate in February 2020. Between now and then, we have some shit to do. Here’s our in-progress, subject-to-change work plan:

(completed by end-of-day) 9/29

  • This blog post by Jenna (✔)
  • Work out Hack/Doc details (actually happening on a conference call 10/30)
  • Review hack/doc philosophy and orientation
  • Metadata cleaning/organizing of six library files and google drive organized with file naming conventions. Consider file contents, re: what we need to maintain. 
  • Analysis of zine libraries metadata schema
  • Organize our GitHub repository



  • Revise this timeline, based on Hack/Doc outcomes
  • Document the Hack/Doc
  • Blog post by Jenna
  • Jenna goes out of town for DLF


  • Blog post by Lauren
  • Research weekend! Read articles about
    • other union catalog projects
    • accessibility
    • feminist archival practices
    • decolonial digital humanities


  • Blog post by Jenna
  • Happy 103rd birthday, Lauren’s grandma! (Lauren out of town)


  • Blog post by Lauren


  • Blog post by Jenna
  • Happy 80th birthday, Jenna’s dad! (Jenna out of town)
  • Add/map complete holdings from the six libraries


  • Blog post by Lauren
  • TBD


  • Blog post by Jenna
  • TBD


  • Blog post by Lauren
  • Complete draft of timeline for the life of ZineCat after MADH


  • Blog post by Jenna
  • First draft of white paper due


  • Blog post by Lauren
  • White paper due to Lisa and Maura


Advisor approved capstone due to program director


Deposit capstone, which includes digital capture

  • web crawl of site and recording of dynamic searches
  • source code, data, and files dump


MADHs conferred!

A photo of two cats in graduation caps and gowns.

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