miscellaneous updates

New Website Designs

We’ve been thinking about new designs for our website and are currently working with HaiDev on an accessibility audit for our webpage.

Website mock-up with about text and navigation tabs on top, featuring the ZineCat paw logo.
Website mock-up on a white background with navigation buttons.
Mock-ups for a new website layout. Which do you prefer?

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see on the ZineCat website. How can we better serve your zine search needs? Check out some of our designs and please feel free to add your input in the comments below.


Revisiting Foundations – Code of Ethics

As a new school year begins, we thought it would be a perfect time to revisit our foundations in the Zine Librarians Code of Ethics. This document (and zine) was first drafted in 2014 at the Zine Librarians (un)Conference in Durham, NC. The Code of Ethics was written to establish a set of core values that inform and guide the work of zine librarians. These values are openly shared in order to strengthen communication and build trust within the zine community. It is expected to continually change and grow as the needs of the community evolves.

The Zine Librarians Code of Ethics was created by Heidy Berthoud, Joshua Barton, Jeremy Brett, Lisa Darms, Violet Fox, Jenna Freedman, Jennifer LaSuprema Hecker, Lillian Karabaic, Rhonda Kauffman, Kelly McElroy, Milo Miller, Honor Moody, Jude Vachon, Madeline Veitch, Celina Williams, and Kelly Wooten.

Cover of Zine Librarians Code of Ethics Zine featuring a black and white photo of a cat sitting on top of xeroxed copies of pre-assembled zines.

If you have any comments or concerns for the Code of the Ethics, please email zinepavilion at gmail dot com. Thank you!