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Contribute to List of Zine Collections

We have assembled a very long list of zine libraries, collections, and archives from around the world. Check out our shared list to learn about a vast array of zine holdings and to make sure that we did not miss your favorite collection. Feel free to leave a suggestion directly on the document. ZineCat deeply appreciates your contributions!

Collaged image of lined paper and blue paper on the bottom and a small globe on top. On the lined paper writes: “Check out our international Zine Libraries List! Are we missing a collection you love? Please feel free to add/edit.”
Calling all zine librarians/lovers – please let us know of your favorite zine archives, collections, and libraries!

Zines in the Classroom

If you’re looking for fun and creative activities to share with students, zine are a great place to start. Designer, artist, and art teacher, Ray Yang gives some wonderful suggestions on how to engage students in zine-making workshops. Zines are an excellent way to develop narrative and story-telling skills, while also serving as an outlet for creative self-expression.

A worksheet for students to fill out when making their own zine, titled "Making a Zine."

Check out Yang’s article for more helpful tips.